(14 Apr) ASF Awards 2014

Very delighted to inform you that we have received 27 nominations from 8 countries for 7 categories of the ASF Performance Awards and 15 nominations from 6 countries for 4 categories of the ASF Coaches Awards this year in total. 

Below are the list of awards recipients for the two awards proposed by the Selection Panel and endorsed by ManCom: -

ASF Performance Awards 2014

1) Dato Alex Lee Award – Outstanding Performance of the Year (Senior)

   a) Men : Abdullah Kh. Al-Mezayen (Kuwait)

   b) Women : Nicol David (Malaysia)

2) Hassan Musa Award – Outstanding Performance of the Year (Junior)

   a) Boy : Kush Kumar (India)

   b) Girl : Vanessa Raj Gnanasigamani (Malaysia)

3) ASF Award – Outstanding Team of the Year

   a) Men's Team : India Men's Team – Asian Games 2014

   b) Women's Team : Malaysia Women's World Team 2014

4) ASF Development Award – The Most Improved Team of the Year

   Pakistan Junior Squash Team

ASF Coaches Awards 2014

**1) Coach of the Year : Nasser Sayed Zahran (Kuwait) for Individual Event & Cyrus Poncha (India) for Team Event

2) Junior Coach of the Year : Leung Kan Fai Dick (Hong Kong, China)

3) Development Coach of the Year : Kang Ho Suck (Korea)

4) Coaches Certificate of Recognition : Ifrahim Gul (Malaysia), Shamsul Bahary Salleh (Malaysia)

**In view of the outstanding achievements of two coaches Nasser Sayed Zahran (Kuwait) and Cyrus Poncha (India) in the Asian Games 2014, this year the “Coach of the Year” is awarded to both of them but presenting in two separate categories – Nasser Sayed Zahran for Individual Event and Cyrus Poncha for Team Event, especially both coaches leading his team or player to win the first-ever gold medal in the most prestigious event in Asia.

Many congratulations to all the above award winners and special thanks to all the Selection Panel members. The awards will be presented at the forthcoming Asian Individual Championships 2015 held in May in Kuwait.


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(2 Apr) Asian Junior Ranking Updates (Feb 2015)

The latest Asian Junior Ranking (April 2015) has been released. Congratulations to all Top 1 players and hope them keep up the good job in future!

BU19 - Yuen Tsun Hei (HKG)
BU17 - Mohammad Alsarraj (JOR)
BU15 - Siow Yee Xian (MAS)
BU13 - Navaneeth Prabhu (IND)
BU11 - Huzaifa Ibrahim (PAK)

GU19 - Choi Uen Shan (HKG)
GU17 - Andrea Lee (MAS)
GU15 - Aifa Azman (MAS)
GU13 - Jessica Keng (MAS)
GU11 - Sehveetrraa Kumar (MAS)

For the full list of the ranking, please click to Asian Junior Ranking page for details.

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(1 April) Squash Pulse

The 4th issue of e-newsletter, SQUASH PULSE, for sharing the event highlights and joyful moments in the past six months, has been just released today. Just spend few minutes to enjoy our SQUASH PULSE to update yourself with more about squash in Asia!

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(30 Mar) WSF Coaching Courses

The Squash Rackets Federation of India will be conducting coaching courses in Chennai. There are 3 courses to choose from:

  • WSF L1 Refresher Tutor Course (11-12 May) — for L1/L2/L3 Tutors
  • WSF L1 Refresher Coaching Course (13-14 May) — for Existing L1/L2/L3 Coaches
  • WSF L1 Coaching Course (13-16 May) — for 'New' Coaches to be certified

Interested candidates must register for a SPIN (GBP 10 – onetime payment) with WSF at www.worldsquash.org .(Players who already have a SPIN need not register again). Thereafter, candidates must register for the course at www.worldsquash.org (Tab – Development / Coaching) between April 1, 2015 and April 20, 2015 and pay GBP 15 as a candidate for the Level 1 Coaching Course (valid for 3 years).

Participants successfully passing this course will be the first to be recognised Level 1 coaches accredited by the World Squash Federation.

For complete details about the Courses being conducted in Chennai, please visit - http://www.indiasquash.com/resource-wsf-coaches.aspx

For complete details on the CEP pls read http://www.worldsquash.org/ws/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/CEP-Information-Update-February-2015.pdf

For any further details please contact Cyrus Poncha on cponcha@gmail.com

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President's Foreword

I have great pleasure in welcoming all of you to this new website of the Asian Squash Federation. With the successes that our Member National Federations have achieved in the past many years, the ASF has become a very active....

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